FULL ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCIL - 17 JANUARY, 2019 (Thu, 17th Jan 2019 - 10:15 am) 

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  1. 1. Sederunt and Declaration of Members’ Interests

  2. 2. Statement on Equalities

  3. 3. Minute of Meeting of Aberdeenshire Council of 22 November, 2018

  4. 4. Planning Applications

  5. 4(a). APP/2018/1831 - Full Planning Permission - National application for installation of underground HVDC cables, landing at shoreline at land to the south of Boddam, Peterhead, Travelling to site at four fields, Boddam, Peterhead

  6. 4(b). APP/2018/2175 - Full Planning Permission - Erection of Electricity Substation Comprising Platform Area, Control Building, Associated Plant and Infrastructure, Ancillary Facilities, Access Track and Landscape Works on land to the west of Wood of Middleton, Rothienorman (REQUEST TO SPEAK RECEIVED FROM APPLICANT)

  7. 5. Planning Enforcement Gypsy/Traveller Site at North Esk, St Cyrus - Update Report

  8. 6. Review of Off Street Parking Charges in Aberdeenshire – Referral from ISC

  9. 7. Chief Social Work Officer annual report

  10. 8. UNISON Ethical Care Charter

  11. 9. Workspace - Office Space Strategy

  12. 10. Local Governance Review – Aberdeenshire Council response

  13. 11. Composition of Committees

  14. 12. Notice of Motion by Councillor Ford

  15. 13. Written Questions from Councillor A Buchan

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